Born to innovate

The constantly changing nature of the world of lighting technology and the desire to think up innovative products to offer a general public that is increasingly responsive to all things new, encourages Elesi Luce to pursue a continuous quest for new technical solutions that are perfectly in step with the latest style and material trends.

With each season, the lighting collections are enriched with products featuring exclusive patented technical solutions.

Our strengths

RESEARCH INTO THE PRODUCTION PROCESS, both to optimise standard production processes and implement processing techniques that have not yet been used in the lighting sector
CROSS-SECTORIAL RESEARCH, because the ideas and solutions tested in other – even very different – sectors can prove invaluable
IN-HOUSE PRODUCT RESEARCH, which led to Elesi Luce obtaining an industrial patent on the E-viva system in 2012
OFFERING INNOVATE SERVICES to customers, such as BIM (Building Information Modelling) for design with ARCHICAD, Revit and SketchUp software.
LED TECHNOLOGY that is always state of the art and cutting-edge
PARTICIPATION IN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES AND WEBINARS on topics such as “Sustainable Living”, “Eco design” and “Human-Centric Technology”
PARTICIPATION IN CALLS FOR RESEARCH IN THE WORLD OF ACADEMIA. For example, the company is currently taking part in the research project “Integrated IoT home automation system with high IT security for smart building”, with a view to improving the lifestyle, safety and security of people with reduced mobility and sensory impairment. In addition to bringing the company into discussion with university professors and home automation experts, this experience has developed within Elesi an attention to home automation that serves individuals, with “Human-Centric Lighting” in mind