Exclusive workmanship, exclusive manufacturing.

Here are some of the pluses of our lighting collections

Kyte collection - Elesi Luce

Kyte, a fusion of power and charm

The powerful COB LED, combined with the charming effect created by the innovative use of LED strip lights, give the Kyte Collection a contemporary modern feel, including as a result of the creative usage of micro-dotted plexiglass that enhances the brightness of the lights.

Air, light-enhancing material

Materials research succeeds in enhancing the beauty of light, bringing us striking, brilliantly bright, light-diffusing plexiglass. The effect is also aided by the internal micro-dotting, enabling greater diffusion of light.
The Air collection fully reflects the synergy between the powerful COB LEDs and the technical lighting effect of state-of-the-art LED strips.

Air  exclusive collection of lamps made in Italy Elesi Luce 2
Versailles 18 exclusive collection of lamps made in Italy Elesi Luce 2

Versailles 18, yesterday’s splendour, today’s innovation

Classic style reworked with an original and innovative twist. This is the work of Paolo Francia, lighting designer, in a nutshell. His wide experience, gained in various areas, led him to design Versailles ’18, a collection that reflects the aim to reinterpret the past with an ultra-modern collection featuring unique characteristics which, at the same time, brings to mind the beautiful classic chandeliers of times past.

Be-Mit, when concrete meets creativity

Research and innovation are combined to breathe life into novel forms created with new materials. This is how Be-Mit came about, the collection that revolves around the ultra-contemporary finishing with the code CB, made with grey rough concrete masterfully processed to create wholly original lighting effects. This material finish recalls the urban style and is in step with state-of-the-art modern furnishing trends.

Be-mit exclusive collection of lamps made in Italy Elesi Luce 2

Lights that sensationally reflect the ambience

Minimalist forms, modern design and elegant lines combine to breathe life into a collection of indirect-lighting ceiling and wall lights. The best-selling collection encapsulating these lights is once again Be-Mit. In addition to its concrete finishing, we must also shine the spotlight on its reflective surface in decorated glass, attached to the structure by means of a magnetic connection, which makes it easy to install and maintain, too.
The Real collection also wonderfully renders this concept. It consists of a series of lights brought into this world thanks to the desire to create a revolutionary, refined product featuring original forms to suit all settings.

Jesi, versatility means authenticity

Elesi Luce’s ability to use glass with versatility, in keeping with Italy’s most authentic tradition, is exalted with Jesi, the collection featuring a range of very special glass finishings: from gold or silver leaf to gold, silver or black ribbed glass. These types of decorations are handcrafted, making each item unique thanks to the diversity of even the smallest details.

Jesi exclusive collection of lamps made in Italy Elesi Luce 2

Pois, when the technique is a winner

In the Pois collection, simple forms blend with technological innovation for a decidedly winning result: the single panel of flat glass, with hot-formed downward formations, is fastened to the structure with a unique, quick fixing system with no screws on show. The special hot-formed bas-relief technique on glass won Elesi Luce the VSLA2019 prize.

Quid, elegance in minimalism

Quid was created to pay homage to the stylistic rigour produced by the austere forms that are so sensational in modern furnishings. This lighting collection features square, minimalist lines. In particular, besides the direct or indirect lighting, the light itself takes shape by lighting up the space between the two metal parts making up the structure.

Quid exclusive collection of lamps made in Italy Elesi Luce 2
Aura exclusive collection of lamps made in Italy Elesi Luce 2

Aura, the sublimation of glass with colour

In the Aura collection, the beauty of glass is set off by the colours and material used. The satin-finished elements offer a high-impact effect, lighting large everyday living spaces and rooms in an original way.
The diffuser is a single panel of glass decorated on the inside and shiny on the outside. The glass is satin-finished at the point where the LED light is emitted, to ensure greater output of light.

Tecno, the versatility of light

Designed to illuminate specific spaces with sophistication and versatility, the Tecno collection is made up of lights featuring a light source fitted with a swivel, so you can point it in any direction you like.
The beam rotates 360° and moves upwards 90°.

Tecno exclusive collection of lamps made in Italy Elesi Luce 2
Click exclusive collection of lamps made in Italy Elesi Luce 2

Customise at a Click

The Click collection is designed for those who want to make their lamps and lights unique and play around with and innovate spaces. Thanks to the magnetic fastening, the coloured front panel detail can be changed by simply clicking it into place. This gives the customer greater scope for customisation: not only can they pick the colour of the structure, but they can also decide on the finishing of the front panel.

Klaro, the dawn of transformation

Klaro is a collection of lamps and lights featuring 8-mm-thick clear cut glass.
In addition to lighting with GX5.3 bulbs, the glass is lit up by white or blue LED strip lights which can also be turned on separately and are therefore always at your disposal to be used as courtesy lights as required.

Klaro exclusive collection of lamps made in Italy Elesi Luce 2
Hao exclusive collection of lamps made in Italy Elesi Luce 2

Hao, the eclectic light source

Hao is the collection that encapsulates the concept of both direct light and indirect light in the same light fixture.
Each light source in fact boasts a swivel that allows you to control the beam as you wish; this means you can choose whether to have reflected light, direct light or a mixture of the two, at home or wherever else you place it.

Made in Italy, artisanal decoration

We carry out our processing by hand, for example the ribbed effect in the Jesi collection. This makes each item unique, as each glass panel features a subtle detail that is different from those before it. And it is this very characteristic that exalts the craftsmanship of Italian-made products.

Gold leaf processing, our special finish

The gold leaf or silver leaf finish is achieved by fixing very thin metal sheets onto glass or metal by hand. This special finish varies according to the surface onto which it is applied. The effect appears irregular, which is a typical result of processing with traditional techniques.