Design, inventiveness and creativity


Elesi Luce’s original design stems from its responsiveness to new trends, which are spotted by an extensive network of industry experts throughout the whole of Europe.
Every day, our production is steered by signals from the market and from our many customers in close contact with the aesthetic sensitivity and tastes of the general public. Our focus on minimalist, modern styles goes hand in hand with the ability to create more classic products, too, for traditional furnishings. But that is not all: thanks to the steady relationship with architects requesting novel products and new customised solutions from Elesi, under contract, the company has developed a strong leaning towards more contemporary forms and the use of cutting-edge attractive and functional solutions.


The initial conception stage in the Elesi Luce creative workshop is open to experimentation and cross-sector experiences.
We see this space as a kind of “free zone” where minds are given free rein to imagine and invent.

We implement the Lean or “Funnel” method for the next phase. This controls our decisions with a spiral approach of planning / execution / verification / action.

Our ability to experiment comes from our experience using extremely diverse materials, such as glass, metal, wood, fabric, leather, concrete, hard and soft stones and plexiglass.


Craftsmanship is our calling. All products are assembled by hand with painstaking checks and utmost attention to details and finishings. These factors have been pivotal over time and are the secret to Elesi Luce’s international success today.

Following the rules of meticulous craftsmen, we perform precious techniques in the production department, such as the leafing technique. This is done by applying very thin metal sheets onto glass or metal by hand.

This special finish varies according to the surface onto which it is fixed and leads to the creation of manifold lamps and lights of high artisanal value.

Elesi Luce’s versatile production is therefore able to expand the concept of “unique items” to include the possibility of customising finishings and products for particular needs.

Elesi Luce studies, designs, makes the prototypes of, produces and assembles all the products in the catalogue.
All our lamps and lights are designed to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of customers and offer the perfect level of visual comfort in the rooms where people live and work.

Each artisanal process leads to the creation of unique items whose finishings may differ: these differences are not a defect, but rather the guarantee of a hand-finished product.

Driven by its respect for the environment, Elesi Luce uses long-lasting, low-environmental-impact materials that are recyclable, keeping an ever watchful eye on the safety of devices in the various stages of their lifetime, from production and shipment to installation and use.

Designers, bright innovators

The Elesi Luce collections shine for their variety and character thanks to collaboration with inventors of ideas, professionals of the design and lighting world. Each lamp or light is the brainchild of an idea and develops into a concept before taking shape in our workshop.

Maurizio Betteto

Maurizio is Elesi Luce’s technical and production manager.

The working drawings that go on to generate a good part of the company’s production hail from the very Design Office headed by Maurizio.

Without a doubt, his experience and commercial awareness, as well as his technical and production-related knowledge, form the foundations for the success of many collections.

Alessandro Todesco

Alessandro Todesco, born in Venice in 1963 and graduated from the Art Institute of Venice, designed the Gaia Collection.

The designer describes the development and interpretation of light in the collection: “Gaia, through a playful and lively design, gives back to the light a dynamic atmosphere creating emotions and harmonious sensations in the environment in which it is placed”.

Paolo Francia

Architect Paolo Francia has been working with Elesi Luce for some time, investing his excellent skills as an interior and lighting designer.

His ideas and designs brought forth the Versailles’18 collection, which echoes the classical style, reinterpreted in a highly original manner.

In particular, from the Versailles’18 lights, the arch. Paolo successfully combined technological innovation with traditional forms. He also designed the stand for Euroluce 2019.

Mauro Gennari

Benefiting from experience gained on the field and his custom of measuring himself against the market, Mauro Gennari designs lamps and lights catering to the tastes of the public.

His understanding of the technique and materials used in the world of lighting mean Mauro is able to come up with very popular innovative solutions in terms of technology and style.

He is the designer behind the following collections: Klaro and Dado.