Made to measure, made for you

With the help of 3D design and the company’s in-house machine workshop, Elesi Luce can create prototypes to customer specifications, with a quick turnaround.

Elesi Luce has built strong relationships with companies specialising in “turnkey” solutions. This has enabled us to develop excellent negotiation skills with architects and project managers and to propose winning solutions without losing track of budgets, timeframes and support.


Style, care during production and meticulous attention to detail make Elesi Luce lamps and lights solid examples of the most exclusive Italian-made products, in line with its artisan roots.

Experience, sector knowledge and production capacity are supported by ISO 9001:2015-certified process management and developed through constant innovation.

Elesi Luce is devoted to new design technologies, from 3D interior design to offering advanced services such as BIM and the use of IoT devices.

To this we can add its ongoing participation in international research projects and contests, which, over the years, has also encouraged the company to be mindful of themes of social interest, such as Sustainable Living and Human-Centric Smart Lighting.


Elesi Luce’s machine workshop is where metal materials are processed, items are assembled and wired and strict quality controls are carried out on every single part. Before the packaging stage, a performance verification test is performed and a compliance label affixed.
To ensure that the product will not become damaged, we always take great care when choosing the packaging type: the logistics department opts for either boxes or crates, depending on the type of transport, the destination and the characteristics of the lamp or light.


Elesi Luce pays great attention to selecting materials for the production of its lamps and lights, which, without a doubt, reap the benefits of the characteristics of true craftsmanship. The company is able to skilfully process various materials, such as glass, metal, plexiglass, wood, stone, alabaster, optical fibres, fabrics, concrete and leather, to create original, precious lights and lamps

Uniquely created


Progettazione lampade Elesi Luce

How does a contract design emerge at Elesi Luce? The designer requests a feasibility study and costs from the company for a lamp, light or collection to be created in accordance with the specified concept.
In addition to the choice of setting, utmost importance is given to evaluating the functional requirements of the lamp or light: brightness, consumption, optics and how it is built into the control system.
The company conducts the analysis in technical terms, as well as in structural and assembly terms, and formulates a quotation. Then the company discusses the adequacy of the budget with the designer.


Sviluppo lampade Elesi Luce

With regard to the choices and decisions made, 3D designs are created, which are used to put the lamps and lights into production.

Once the 3D design has been approved, the real planning begins, according to the requirements, evaluating the timeframes needed and the complexity of the design.

From there, we establish the perfect timeframe, to make room for production-related aspects and the delivery of the products. All of this takes place according to the customer’s needs and workshop schedules.


Produzione lampade Elesi Luce

Once the quotation has been approved and the characteristics and themes for development have been defined, we then create a prototype, which is useful for assessing functionality and aesthetics, with a view to receiving the final approval of the model before it is put into production.

The prototype is a faithful mock-up that offers the designer an all-round assessment and allows him or her to place the light in its final design setting

Some of the designs created