About us

So here we are, our father, Maurizio, with us, his daughters, Elena and Silvia. From the very outset, we have travelled together on a journey of milestones that have seen our company emerge and grow.

We have been designing efficient, stylish lamps and lights since 1997. It is not only our work: it is also our passion. We add something personal to each and every product: an idea, an insight, study time, a solution.

We have grown over the years, conducting research and introducing many new technologies, never forgetting how important it is for us to remain true to our roots as craftsmen, to the traditional culture of the local area and its entrepreneurial hallmark.

In the beginning, we created the first lighting collections for Italy. Then, slowly but surely, bolstered by the results we had achieved, we organised and structured ourselves in order to export our LED lamps and lights all over the world, consciously choosing to produce in compliance with the “Made in Italy” trademark.

We feel we stand out as a company for our distinctive perfect harmony between production capacity, technology and proactive solutions in terms of the forms and materials we use, which are increasingly diverse.

We like to think that the people purchasing our products also share our idea of lighting.

Made in Elesi

We are first and foremost a family, then a lighting manufacturer. Our name reminds us of this every day. Elesi is in fact a fusion of Elena and Silvia, the names of Maurizio Betteto’s daughters.

Our company is characterised by family management and artisan roots. For us, this means customer care, painstaking production processes and high quality products and services.

We like to describe ourselves as “conductors of a special orchestra”. Each and every individual working at Elesi Luce cultivates his or her qualities in the best possible way, like a performer playing an instrument, where the instruments are mechanics, assembly, packaging, warehouse management, customer service and the supply chain.

Collaborating, working side by side with our customers, is one of the things we are good at, as it is the best way to understand their needs and fulfil them.

We describe ourselves as a well-conducted orchestra…
Our “Made in Elesi” identity has shone the spotlight on us on the European lighting technology scene.

ISO9001:2015 Certification

At Elesi Luce, we wanted to qualify our production processes by ensuring they were ISO 9001 certified and equipping ourselves with a Quality System which has been recognised every year by an external Body since 2006. In this way, we conformed to high production standards and adopted within our company a philosophy inspired by first-class standards of precision and quality